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Securing Digital Business with Cyber Security – a priority for CIOs



Redefined CIO role
IT is important for the CIO to be involved at all levels of the company. Now CIO is just not running existing infrastructure but ideally helps company to achieve strategic goals. CIOs want to remain relevant; they need to align their activities with the business priorities of their organizations. IT delivery is still a responsibility of the CIO, achieving revenue growth and developing digital transformation was identified most often as top business priorities for organizations.


Innovations & ROI
Success will only come to those who truly wants to succeed and the one who dare to think big.


Be Bold: - To achieve success one has to fight many hurdle and challenges.
Plan and execute your movement: - Formulate a business technology synch-roadmap.
People grow when company grows, hard work and hard-core fun: - Working hard is important, also essential to keep yourself ready for the challenge to avoid any health hazards and work stress.

Work you portion but know the big picture: - Understanding and awareness about the goal of the project is important.

Knowing your company is important to your project, competitor analysis: - Know your company, accelerate growth within a company but knowing its competitors guarantee your success in the industry.


Key Priorities
CIOs should try to automate process wherever possible taking operations and business people in confidence and try building applications with AI and help them save cost. This will play a major role in reshaping business models as they change the economics of all organizations. The strong focus on cyber security shows the necessity of creating a secure base for digital business that shields their organization and clients. To improve security against cyber threats, in all organizations, CIOs are taking in more cyber security persons in their team to cope up with such issues. 2019 CIO Technology Agenda: “Securing Digital Business with Cyber Security.”


“Today, almost all core business processes, from payroll management to marketing, are enabled by software applications. Our organization always keeps track of new technologies and tries to implement them in our day to day work and check if it makes any difference in work or how time and efforts are saved.” 

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