Ashok Tiwari, Head IT-India Operations - Varroc Lighting Systems India


Ashok Tiwari,  Head IT-India Operations - Varroc Lighting Systems India

CIOs reduce business efforts by offering solutions


Redefined CIO role  

In today’s scenario CIOs are connected with business, they are going through the deep understanding of requirements and are able to support the business by providing solutions and reducing the efforts of business. Resulting this, the cost is going down and efficiency is getting increased. CIOs are discussing the critical operation and also supporting the ways to smoothen the critical issues.

Innovations & ROI 

There are multiple applications which are supporting business to handle critical issues, dealing with the customer in an agile way, keeping focus on their requirement; we are planning the machine, manpower and delivery to full fill the requirement. No doubt technology is helping business to support efficiency and ensuring communicating with the customers.


Key Priorities

CIO has to be the key influencer in his organization – right from digitalization to innovation, by way of controlling costs and driving revenue, by doing such activities they comes in the core of the business, and the operations and the maintenance people look at him and get influenced. Now they have started coming to CIOs and ask to do something supportive and innovation activity which can reduce their efforts and increase productivity. We have huge business plan to increase digitization and good part is management is also keen to improve the productivity by implementing innovative ideas.


“We are at high risk if we are not changing the technology. In business there is a change every moment. That change is giving some value addition,  and we are always working towards something innovative.The challenges are we have to accept and work towards the innovation activities and goals. We are using multiple technologies and adopting new ones to stay ahead.”

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