Archana Goel, Ch. Manager (IT) - JK Paper Ltd.


Archana Goel, Ch. Manager (IT) - JK Paper Ltd.

“Evolution of Intelligent Enterprise is a key objective of a CIO”


Redefined CIO role 
Today, CIO’s role is not limited to delivering IT. CIOs now play a crucial role in formulating business strategies. With the growing importance of technology, they have become the backbone of the business.  From playing the back-end executors, they are now the significant part of the board. They are the ones who can foresee both opportunities, threats and map business strategies with technologies to move the organisation ahead.

Innovations & ROI
Evolution of Intelligent Enterprise is a key objective of a CIO. ERP gives a platform for digital transformation. Usage of technologies like AI, Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning are dominant. Managing data and information and maximising its value using technology is major crux of innovation. Depending upon the kind of business, innovations can be fused at any level. Using drones for aerial surveillance; or selling even a single scoop of ice-cream at doorstep; or paper vending machines are simple but useful innovations. Success Mantra: to bring innovations to business as per the need of business not for the intent of showing-off technology.

Key Priorities
The priorities depend on the IT tools and technologies that are already implemented in a business. It is also guided by the business needs. But yes, there are certain technologies which are on the list of any CIO. Data security remains the top priority. It is a business as well as IT need. Cloud adoption is another area where CIOs are focusing. They are shifting to cloud architecture for business applications. Customer centricity is another area where CIOs are concentrating because it is imperative to bring customer and business in one digital motion. 


“Responsiveness is the new veracity. Planning is not enough; to compete one has to swiftly retort to changing needs and expectations of business. Our agility is built through continuous learning, experimenting and receiving feedback. The company that adapts technology faster is bound to flourish. Our leadership is adaptive and motivates us to be innovators.”


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