Anil Nama, CIO - CtrlS Datacenters Ltd


Anil Nama, CIO - CtrlS Datacenters Ltd

CtrlS aims to enhance revenue, customer experience and reduce cost with new technology initiatives


Redefined CIO role  

CIOs are now expected to play the role of a Business Enablers. They are expected to understand the business needs to be aligned with the strategic business goals to bring in a digital culture within the organisation. A CIO is expected to be a Change Agent, Innovator, Collaborator with a transformational mind-set.


Innovations & ROI

Innovation has been our key driver of growth. We have been working on new product and process innovations which induce revenue growth and extend the product/service footprint. This has led to growth of over hundred percent year-on-year in several new services rolled out by us.


Key Priorities

As a CIO, our agenda is to introduce new technology initiatives that are aimed to enhance the business revenues, customer experience and reduce costs and improve the bottom-line of the company.


The key priority is Managed Service Modernisation for customer experience with multi-cloud DevSecOps enabled Reference Frameworks, ARS (App recovery services), RPA for system Hygiene and RunBook automation and AIOPs for operational excellence.


“We have been in the forefront of technology with India’s first Tier-4 Datacenter, world’s first Tier-4 Public Cloud and Community Cloud (Both Banking as well as ERP Community Cloud), Pioneering the concept of DR as a Service (DRaaS) a decade ago and we have now recently launched the next generation Managed Security Services. CtrlS has been ahead of the curve and will continue to stay so.”

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