Amit Khan, CIO - Mjunction


Amit Khan,  CIO - Mjunction

Mjunction aiming to leverage Hybrid cloud, Micro-service architecture, Intelligent Automation


Redefined CIO role
As we are moving towards digital, our attention needs to expand beyond IT. Besides IT operation, CIO now becomes responsible for business growth, innovation. Role of IT function is transitioning from business enabler to differentiator. Like other executive leadership, CIO’s job starts with business outcomes. To adapt to these changes, we need to collaborate more with business leaders to take an active role in business growth.


Innovations & ROI
With a growth target of more than 30% year on year for the next three to four years, we have a long play on developing the foundation of the future businesses, here our focus would be developing new platform architecture in place and launch platforms for new business lines - leveraging hybrid cloud, micro-service architecture, intelligent automation and scale up AI/ML initiatives would be our mantra here.


Key Priorities
Creating superior customer experience is one of the key priorities for this year. We would continue to have our focus on simplifying customer journey, deploying self-service to empower customers in their decision making and conducting their business. Our AI/ML initiatives around forecasting market and price trend on various commodities and categories would improve customer selling and sourcing experience. Our mandate is to bring sophisticated consumer experience to the business users.
While we are expecting increase in volumes of our existing / traditional businesses and hence we would have increased focus on agility and scale for these businesses. We would leverage cloud to meet additional infrastructure need, our focus would be to improve the efficiency of our supply chain for all our trading and fulfilment businesses. These businesses are also expected to navigate through business model transformation this year, where technology can make this business sustainable in the long run.


“We plan to scale up our successful PoCs on AI/ML, RPA and Automation and embed these into our products and services big time now. We continue to engage with start-ups and partner eco-system, collaborate to come up with innovative solution.”

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