Employees leave biggest iPhone plant In China amid rise in Covid


Employees leave biggest iPhone plant In China amid rise in Covid

Workers are departing Apple’s largest iPhone plant in China’s Zhengzhou, to escape the Covid surge. Local authorities from several regions in the central Henan province said they will receive homebound workers from Foxconn Technology Group after strict Covid curbs were imposed in Zhengzhou to overcome an outbreak.


Workers will be sent to several days of mandatory isolation. Cities such as Mengzhou and Luoyang have arranged buses to ferry workers to isolation sites. The government of Dagang county has dispatched buses and officials to help ferry employees to quarantine sites for a seven-day compulsory isolation before allowing them to go home.


Foxconn issued three notices to its workers at the Zhengzhou plant, vowing to ensure safety, legitimate rights and income for those who are willing to stay. The company also arranged buses for employees choosing to return home, with the help of the local government.


Videos and pictures of employees leaving the campus flooded social media over the weekend, depicting local residents offering food and shelter to some of the departing staff. At one point, the company only provided meal boxes to workers on production lines, with those infected or afraid to leave their company-provided dormitories given more basic fare like bread and instant noodles. It’s unclear how many workers were allowed to leave Foxconn.


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