Softline pivoting solutions & services portfolio around customer experience, business acceleration & personalization


Softline pivoting solutions & services portfolio around customer experience, business acceleration & personalization

Vinod Nair 
Managing Director, Softline India


Digital Transformation Agenda
Businesses are now transforming their business with the fulcrum being an elastic IT infrastructure. As a Digital Transformation Solutions partner, Softline is helping companies become digital-enabled by focusing on three important aspects of their business viz. Application landscape, data landscape & security landscape. The company believes that these would be the fundamental levers on which businesses will innovate to rebuild themselves and embrace the new digital-first business model.

Softline is a leading global solutions and services provider, headquartered in London, serving 150,000+ organizations from all sectors hand-holding them in their digital transformation journey. We make businesses future-ready with cutting-edge information technologies and cybersecurity solutions and help sustain their investments through our services offering. Softline’s 8200 employees work in almost 60 countries throughout Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa—markets with significant growth potential.

Over the last 12 months, Softline India has been on its own transformation journey with increased investments to address the surge in demand for services on cloud & cybersecurity. Softline is building the largest repository of technology skills in India with investments in a Global Delivery Centre (GDC) in Noida, a 100% Cloud based Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Bangalore, and Microsoft Workplace Shared Services Centre in Mumbai. It has also been supporting early-stage start-ups to augment their technology skills & technology investments with a customized set of services offerings to step-up the game! Recognizing its exceptional track record it was named as a Microsoft Start-Up Factory Partner. It is also one of the only two recognized partners for HoloLens2 in India.

The company’s digital transformation agenda includes being a trusted advisor to its customers looking to use technology as a business driver. Its agenda includes creating a portfolio of services that take the customer through the complete digital transformation journey in a seamless & secure way.  


Tech-Savvy Industries
Softline India sees increasing trends of customers looking at technology as a business driver and not just a business enabler. In the coming years, every business will rethink business models based on technology to deliver enhanced value to consumers.

Softline is making significant investments in creating a portfolio of services to help customers transition using digital technology initiatives. However, the technology landscape is huge and it is important that it focuses on the right set of technology investments to make the transformation real and quicker.

We believe that the quick wins that customers will look at in their transformation journey on IT would be to do with their application estate, Data estate and security estate. At the same time when you look at it from a business objective perspective there are 3 key impact areas around which companies will knit together their digital strategy.


  • Customer Experience
  • Business scale acceleration  
  • Personalization

At Softline, we are finding congruence in both these aspects of technology transformation and strategy. Accordingly, we believe services around application modernization including containerization will be the first impact area to focus on. This will improve the customer experience due to the consistent and evolving nature of a modernized application. Second would organisations looking at data modernization where you will not just improve the scale of the business acceleration but will also be the bedrock for personalization gained out of the insights achieved from a modernized data infrastructure. The security estate refresh will be an outcome of the digital first strategy where an organisation will need to relook at the risk posture in the new digital world. 

Softline plays a very important role in this workplace transformation as well with our capabilities on virtual workplace, secure collaboration tools and insights driven communication. With Microsoft, Softline has been working with thousands of customers in India in providing modern workplace solutions to address their remote working, collaboration & security needs.

Adoption of Digital Best Practices
At Softline, we always focus on building strategies that meet our customer’s end goal. We work with our global partners that are aligned with our customer’s mission, values, culture, and goals.

Some of the unique best practices that we at Softline have created in our cloud solutions team across both Digital Workplace Solutions & Platform cloud solutions, which is our investment in creating a “Consumption Specialists” team.
Another best practice that Softline has been delivering to our customer is our “always optimize” thought process when it comes to cloud solutions. Our consumption specialist team is always on the lookout to “milk” the investment or “reduce” the resource wastage.

At Softline, we enable our customers with end-to-end IT solutions to accelerate efficiency, get to market faster, scale business and optimize outcomes. We offer a range of solutions from Cloud solutions and services, Modern hybrid infrastructure, Asset management, Future workplace, BI, Document workflow, and Cybersecurity solutions. Our experts empower organizations of all types, sizes, and scale to thrive and grow in the digital age. 

We aim to build long-term, trust-based relationships with customers and always deliver on our promises. We are a trusted partner and reliable solution and service provider for our clients all over the world.


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