Though daily cases rise 17% but deaths slow down 70%


Though daily cases rise 17% but deaths slow down 70%

Covid-19 infections continued to surge in the country at a slightly slower rate than seen last week, with over 1.9 lakh fresh cases reported on Tuesday, up 17% from the previous day's tally. Deaths from the virus, although still very low overall, were rising at a faster rate with each passing day.


India recorded 165 deaths on Tuesday — with data from one state awaited at the time of writing — up from 130 on the previous day. This was the highest daily toll in 41 days since 167 fatalities were reported on December 1 last year (discounting 182 deaths on December 15, when Kerala logged 125 fatalities due to the clubbing of data from several days).


The cumulative death toll in the last seven days was 70% higher than the number reported in the preceding seven days.


Tuesday's tally of fresh cases stood at 1,94,711, which is likely to cross 1.95 lakh after numbers from one remaining state comes in. India had reported 1.67 lakh cases on Monday, down from 1.8 lakh seen on Sunday.


There has been a distinct slowdown in the growth of cases in the past four days as the daily percentage rise has remained less than 20%, with Monday seeing a fall of 7%. This period corresponds with the fall in daily numbers in Mumbai, where infections appear to have passed the peak, at least for now. Last week, daily cases had increased by as much as 56% on two successive days. However, several states continue to record a rate of growth in cases.


Deaths from the virus remain far lower than at a corresponding stage of daily cases during the second wave, when the toll had touched 1,000. However, fatalities are now rising in the country. In the past seven days, 866 Covid deaths were reported in the country, up from 511 in the preceding seven-day period -- a rise of 70%. In these seven days, Kerala recorded 182 deaths, up from 132, Bengal 126, up from 77, and Delhi 87, up from just six in the preceding seven days.


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