Organizations significantly shifted the way to operate – Physical to Physital


Organizations significantly shifted the way to operate – Physical to Physital

Tarun Bali
AVP & Head IT, India & South Asia - Quest Retail Group


Key priorities for 2021
From Physical to Physital, there has been a significant shift in the way organisations operate. Previously, marketing and a small section from tech were in charge of moving the digital journey forward, but due to the complexities of ecosystems, tech is now leading from the front with bigger responsibilities. IT services have evolved into a product, with each touch point aimed at providing a smooth, frictionless driven user experience through the entire product portfolio.


Though there is always a scope of improvement and new developments in core technology, which may have already been covered, I’m highlighting main trends for technology-driven businesses.
● Video and social commerce
● Influencer and user-generated content commerce
● The transition from Omnichannel to Omnipresent through new channels and ecosystems
● AI analytics from click to collect and post purchase experiences with actionable insights
● Virtual Try-ons and Virtual Assistance (AR/VR)


Adopting Work-From Anywhere
WFH has embraced a modern way of working, and from physical office culture, we quickly adopted a remote working culture, setting up new technology to serve HO workers, store employees, and warehouse employees anytime anyware but in controlled environments. We also moved sensitive/critical software to the cloud because the office was closed and we could not access the physical data centre, and infrastructure scaling was a challenge due to restricted hardware accessibility. In an unpredictably changing environment, the digital revolution, in addition to increased efficiencies and cost reductions, has become more important than ever.


Redesigning IT & Security strategy
Threats and problems are often present as new technology is adopted. Another issue is the use of shadow IT, which is a concern because the workforce prefer public clouds and commodity apps due to their ease of use and familiarity with how they function.


Over the years, we are consistently upgrading our physical and cloud ecosystems to include more powerful firewall, anti-ransomware, and DLP solutions, as well as BCP for all critical applications. In order to have a more controlled process across the organization and to protect our customers, we also became an ISO 27001 business this year.


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