Foxconn’s subsidiary - Bharat FIH sets up R&D center in India to encourage designing of 5G devices


Foxconn’s subsidiary - Bharat FIH sets up R&D center in India to encourage designing of 5G devices

Bharat FIH, earlier known as Rising Stars Mobile India, has set up its Research & Development Centre at the IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai. The facility will encourage designing of end to end 5G devices in India. This centre will also leverage the IT strength and local talents.


The centre will offer an end to end services portfolio to customers which includes product design, tooling & moulding, global sourcing and manufacturing services for smartphones and other products and services in the electronics segment.


Rising Stars Mobile India is a subsidiary of FIH Mobiles, which is a Foxconn Technology Group Company.


“Our India R&D will capitalize on our manufacturing strengths and collaborate with our global teams under the Foxconn Technology Group in product design, cost optimization, customer experience, sourcing, tooling and manufacturing. OEM brands in the electronics sector will have access to our latest technologies and robust designs based on deep consumer insights and assist them in shortening their product development cycles,” Josh Foulger, Country Head and Managing Director, Bharat FIH said in a statement.


The R&D Centre of Bharat FIH will function in four domains - Industrial, Mechanical, Hardware and Software Design. The centre will help translate customer requirements into product specifications for all electronic products.


The Centre offer design and product development services, including mechanical design for manufacturability with customised own proprietary CAD/CAM tools that enhances design and product development capabilities. Besides, the centre has the advantage of carrying out design for commercially manufactured products since it has the flexibility of design and production process to achieve higher quality, lower cost, improved automation and better maintainability, which will position Bharat FIH as industry leader in technological innovation.


“In the backdrop of India’s growth, Bharat FIH will forge ahead to be one of the most innovative and customer oriented companies with an end to end product portfolio in Electronics Manufacturing,” the company said.


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