PM Modi will launch National Infrastructure Masterplan on 13th October


PM Modi will launch National Infrastructure Masterplan on 13th October

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the digital platform for the National Infrastructure Masterplan, through which the entire network of projects - from roads and railways to telecom networks and gas pipelines - until 2020, with plans up to 2024-25, will be laid out.

The masterplan, named PM GatiShakti, was announced on Independence Day and will bring together 16 ministries, including seven core infrastructure sectors, on one platform to synergise project planning across stakeholder ministries to avoid duplication, expedite clearances and plug gaps at the right time.


The Bhaskaracharya National Institute for Space applications and Geo-informatics under Ministry of Information Technology (MeITY) has prepared the Geo-spatial Digital platform for the National Master Plan for multi-modal connectivity with 200 layers of GIS mapping of the entire country.


State governments are also being reached out to join the platform as partners for holistic planning of all infrastructure and connectivity projects. The plan has details of all projects built till 2020-21 and has been fed with all central projects of the 16 departments that are envisioned till year 2025.


The objective behind the project is to provide better utilization of nation’s resources in the best interest of the nation. State government will also have access to the platform and we are bringing states on board as partners.


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