Delhi Police cautions users about fake webpage link of ICICI Bank being circulated


Delhi Police cautions users about fake webpage link of ICICI Bank being circulated


Scammers are coming up with different ways of cheating people every day. Recently, the scam which is doing the rounds involves the ICICI bank webpage. The Delhi Police has also issued a warning about it.


Users have received messages which claim to be of ICICI Bank asking them to verify their KYC details in order to save their accounts from getting suspended. The message then directs users to click on a link to submit the details.


This scam is targeted at ICICI bank account holders.


This incident came to surface when Twitter user Sanjay Jha shared a screenshot of a message he had received from a number claiming to be from ICICI bank. In his tweet he tagged the official Twitter handles of ICICI bank, Delhi crime branch and more. Jha’s screenshot revealed that the message was sent from a local user and the message was badly drafted.


If someone pays little attention to the message itself, one would be able to figure that ICICI bank has not sent this. The message carries a dishevelled spelling of the bank, only the is capitalised while the other words are in lower case. No company would ever send messages to users in a grammatically incorrect language. Now if one looks at the link carefully, it clearly shows that it does not belong to the ICICI bank. Notably, all official websites of the bank have the domain name, and it strictly follows the HTTP protocol. The bank will never send any message from a random number.


Replying to Jha’s tweet, the DCP cybercrime said, “Thanks for sharing. This is a phishing link that takes to a fake @ICICIBank login page designed to harvest gullible user's login credentials.


Getting the site blocked and details checked.


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