Facebook introduces ML Library Built On C++


Facebook introduces ML Library Built On C++

Facebook AI had launched an open-source machine learning library called Flashlight earlier this month which lets developers and researchers execute AI/ML applications seamlessly via C++ API. The library is currently available on Github.


Facebook AI said its machine learning library is intuitive and simple to use as it contains only the most basic building blocks needed for research. Further, it claimed that it takes seconds to rebuild the entire library and training machine learning pipelines.


Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) in its blog post said, “Deep and ML frameworks are good at what they do - but altering the internals of these frameworks has traditionally proved difficult. Finding the right code to change is time-consuming and error-prone, as low-level internals can be unintentionally obfuscated closed-source or hand-tuned for particular purposes. And once you have made changes, recompiling the framework afterwards is both time-and compute-intensive.”


Like dlib, mlpack and Shogun, Flashlight is also written in modern C++. It has an incredibly low framework overhead, as modern C++ enables parallelism and speed. In addition to this, it also provides simple bridges to integrate code from low-level domain-specific languages and libraries.


Other packages C++ supports includes Tensorflow for deep learning, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) for deep learning; OpenCV for computer vision; and DyNet and FANN for neural networks. Tech experts believe C++ has its limitations as it is very syntax oriented. In comparison, Python or R, C++ are beginner-friendly, and there is plenty of library support.


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