Finally iOS 14.5 update will arrive this month


Finally iOS 14.5 update will arrive this month

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the much-awaited update would arrive end of this month. The upcoming iOS 14.5 update might just be its most hotly contested release so far, and the company is certainly taking its time while making sure the software is ready for primetime. Apple’s new enforcement of a new rule, making it mandatory for developers to ask users for consent before tracking them across multiple apps and services.


Tim says, around 40,000 out of the 1,00,000 apps submitted to the App Store every week were rejected and stated that the company’s decision to curate apps on the store was an “important part” of the App Store.


Other features are expected in iOS 14.5 includes the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch while wearing a mask, dual SIM support for 5G on the latest iPhone 12 models, the ability to recalibrate the battery on iPhone 11 models, support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X wireless controllers, along with new and improved Siri voice models and over 200 new emoji.


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