Google to come up with 'new Google Pay app' for Android and iOS in US: Reports


Google to come up with 'new Google Pay app' for Android and iOS in US: Reports

As per news reports, today Google will roll out its new Google Pay app for both Android and iOS with a video announcement. It is starting in the US.


The “say hello to the new Google Pay” announcement kicks off at 9:27 a.m. PT today. As per the video description, the new application will help “improve your relationship with money.” This is in line with the smart budgeting features that are expected when Google Pay starts offering digital-first banking accounts that are accessed primarily through an app.


With this feature, Google Pay will no longer be used for NFC-based payments only. Meanwhile, Google will be making its way into personal finance.


In April, there were rumours that the company would come up with a “Google Card” that would offer a co-branded debit card and mobile application.


That arrangement sees a traditional bank - Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union are currently the “lead partners” - hold your money, while Google provides “useful insights and budgeting tools” to customers.


One image in today’s report shows a possible design for the physical card. Featuring a vertical layout, the user name would be printed on the front, while there’s a dotted design and the partner bank’s logo below.


The new Google Pay will be available on Android and iOS, starting in the United States.

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