Airtel plans for massive FTTH expansion via cable partnerships to take on Reliance Jio: Report


Airtel plans for massive FTTH expansion via cable partnerships to take on Reliance Jio: Report

As per news report, Bharti Airtel is gearing up for a massive expansion in its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service via local cable operators. With this Airtel is aiming to give a tough competition to its rival Reliance Jio which offers its FTTH broadband service in 2,000 cities.


In next 12-18 months, Bharti Airtel has plans to offer the service in over 1,000 cities across the country.


The news source reported that Airtel is targetting over 40 million of the 240 million households in the country.


"It (partnership) is working well for home broadband subscribers because it is again saving resources. The cable operator has already put a cable or fiber cable inside the home of his customer which is now probably taking a cable TV which has backhaul on fiber," Randeep Sekhon, Airtel CTO recently told the portal.


"We have launched in many towns using this combination. It is fantastic because it is generating local entrepreneurship. Sometimes these cable operators are very young entrepreneurs who have put an investment and are managing their customers. This gives them a chance to increase their business and also be our partner," Sekhon added.


Sekhon said that the partnership model is helping Airtel expand its fiber network and launch services quickly.


Through this partnership, Airtel is live in 14 such cities.  

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