We're excited to unveil the ninth edition of the Brand Book. The Brand Book speaks about how the Best Brands are performing and reaching new heights and at the same time how certain start-ups are also disrupting the industry.


Rapid digitization is transforming the global business landscape at an unprecedented speed and that brings immense opportunity for industry and society and the Digital Leaders have deliberated how to develop a vibrant pan-India ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The year 2020 will be remembered for ever, since the coronavirus pandemic has had nearly the entire world in its grips for at least six months now, but during this difficult time our team is able to bring this research-driven book , which speaks on how the technology sector is helping the industry to move ahead and the technology leaders speak on their experience cell and chalk out annual strategies to reach out to the rest of the world.


India is attracting a significant amount of foreign direct investment (FDIs), offering lower operational costs, cheaper yet qualified labour, and liberal laws. This is why a soaring number of companies head towards the Asian superpower in efforts to increase the incomes and boost their companies.


The word Digital India and Make in India has emerged as the strongest brand power than ever but still trails other markets in terms of available finance and collaboration and the Indian economy’s continued success requires a better connection between both worlds: the traditional businesses and new market players. Both benefit from collaboration to create markets they would struggle to create alone, and to ensure they remain at their competitive edge.


Digital transformation is a new jobs creator at the bottom of the pyramid. Digital technologies have also enabled 200 million Indians to open bank accounts in the last year alone. The year 2020 was much expected to be the year of transformation to continue on the transformation path and expand even more into adopting cutting edge immersive technologies but now we are seeing it differently.


The 9th edition of the Brand Book provides an extremely compact presentation of several technology brands spoke about their best practices followed by them on the essential principles of branding including brand strategy and brand building in various spaces and verticals, it also showcases how the combinatorial effects of these technologies – mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence, sensors and analytics among others – are accelerating progress exponentially .


In the Brand Book we have taken utmost care to present the corporates who have made their presence strong to expand their business and services across the country. We recognised them in two different categories, after the screening at the toughest levels, such as the “Most Trusted Company” and the “Most Admired Brands”. The survey and related data modelling quantify consumer perceptions of product and services, preference and trust in after sales services, and the future of their connected lifestyles.


A survey was conducted by interviewing 500 CIOs on 10 different verticals in India, and the revealing facts are very interesting. IT/ITES organizations are already experimenting with technology, including chatbots and other AI tools, in search of enhancing the automation quotient. They are running pilot projects and seem well on course for adoption. The survey results, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at 43%, Artificial Intelligence (AI) at 32% and Internet of Things (IoT) at 32% are among the most likely technology areas to see the most significant investments. They also view IT governance and risk as one of the top challenges for their organizations as far as complexity and priority are concerned. We have published this in a separate section - “Eminent CIOs of India”. The objective of this survey was to assist CIOs along with other IT leaders to prepare themselves for radical changes in the sector so that they are not left behind. Most businesses that have solid business plans from the Chief Information /Investment/ Involvement officer and good management are growing. Most CIOs today desire to have more control on their company's technology.


The COVID roadblock. There is no country, business or living being that has not been affected by the COVID pandemic. While governments have been working diligently to protect and save human lives, businesses have been hit and small businesses and start-ups have been the most affected.


In the near future, we look forward to connecting the insights of the Digital India initiatives with various initiatives related to everything going digital, and to take practical steps to increase collaboration on a global level and let me take this opportunity to say “Thank You”.


As the valued readers, we have accomplished so much just because of you. Thank you again for choosing us as the most valuable book for the brand positioning and your feedback on the survey to choose many in the respective categories.


Thank you for being the best readers ever!


Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


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