HPE Discover 2020 Virtual Experience Address Top Customers, Partners & Alliances ...


HPE Discover 2020 Virtual Experience Address Top Customers, Partners & Alliances ...

Nice to hear that Antonio Neri, President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has recovered from COVID-19. HPE Discover 2020 is a complete virtual event and it is a true Global event of it's kind and originally it was scheduled for June 23-25 in las Vegas, was canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic. The conference attracts top HPE customers, strategic alliance partners and channel partners. The conference is focused on IT management, business continuity and how organizations can be more agile in an ever-changing world.

In the iconic keynote Antonio Neri, spoke about, HPE strategy ,which is from edge to cloud platform and it is time to move to the new age of insight. The new normal will have different demands if organizations want to be successful. Antonio address on how digital transformation and Everything as a Service can help business not only recover from the economic ramifications of the pandemic but also remain strong moving forward.

The conference plans to shed light on how businesses can learn from other leaders in the industry. As data becomes more and more important to businesses, it’s imperative that data is secure. HPE Discover plans to address this in several sessions, including how Data Protection as a Service helps businesses to scale up and down, with on-demand elasticity based on their needs.

The conference also covered on the software-defined storage, which helps businesses maintain high availability and avoid bottlenecks in their environments. Antonio spoke on the predicted the enterprise of the future will be edge-centric cloud enabled and data driven.

During a pandemic, we have designated $2 billion in financing to HP financial services to customers and partners with financial hardships. Our high performance computing solutions are helping scientists and living research institutions speed up drug discovery with complex modelling simulation AI and machine learning capabilities . We have hundreds of thousands of partners who build deliver and help manage solutions in over 80 countries.

Together, we're all working side by side to build incredible solutions that solve your most immediate and unexpected challenges. Antonio said, if technology can be used to fight with the virus, we have to recreate a new cloud connected covertly in which all the testing can be done seamlessly.

We are committed to donating $10 for every single customer, and partner who joined us today. So on behalf of HP in your name. We have donated to 10 amazing nonprofit organisations, all making a real impact of the life of people around the globe, like all of you, we are still learning about driving of business and serving customers through these pandemic.Antonio said.

Today, we are entering the age of insight, big data that would always get bigger ever increasing ever expanding. Every car sensor, every phone suggestion, every region of class, everything. I think data was the golden promise of the information age, but more informed does not equal more intelligence, it's time to move to a new age, the age of insight. Now, insights can combine with other insights and ideas can have ideas. Everything from edge to cloud, can be connected by a symbol force.Wherever your data, wherever your applications, they'll be faster accessible and secure, bringing everything in sight. Welcome to the age of insight. The age of insight required new principles and priorities for digital transformation.

In Box: organizations are at a crossroads in their digital transformation efforts. According to IDC, despite the growth and adoption of public clouds, 70 percent of applications remain outside of the public cloud. Due to several factors, including application entanglement, data gravity, security and compliance, and unpredictable costs, organizations have struggled to move the majority of the applications that run their businesses to public clouds.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is teaming with John Chambers’ startup Pensando Systems to transform the 5G edge experience to drive edge computing innovation. While Antonio Neri is discussing with john chambers founder and CEO of JC to ventures and former chairman and CEO of Cisco:

With the next wave of digital transformation is into focus.The first question I have for you john even managed a powerhouse like CISCO Systems through six different market crisis, and just amazing.

John said,first thing is as a leader you don't hide, you need to be very transparent out in front. Secondly, you want to be realistic how much was introduced by the crisis you're dealing with, and how much was the company also needed to change, because you must address both at the same time, then you basically say, what are the platforms are key focus area. I like odd numbers five to seven platforms that are gonna lead you through the crisis and prepare you for the outcome you anticipate what are the elements here in terms of what you will look like 12 to 18 months paint that picture for your employees for your customers, your shareholders your partners, and then you regularly communicate back on how you're moving toward those objectives, the platform's you deal with are usually around how do you control expenses, free cash flow, your employees, your customers.

You also want to say what are my new big bets we're going to make through it, and the crisis, always lasts longer than we anticipate and will usually be deeper so you try to make your changes one time. Prepare yourself for the future.

What are you going to look like two and three and five years out,

It's a chance to do a new IPO, it's how do you really position the company and your employees to not only survive this but to lead in the next generation of great companies in many ways you have invented yourself, if there was a crisis, learn from the past. You know, make a decision quicker, obviously, but also positioning yourself for, you know, the massive opportunity ahead because when there is a crisis, there is an opportunity. So part of it is, reinventing yourself and I absolutely agree with that but part of it is there aspects of the playbook. You can run again and again, reinventing yourself is hardest thing for a CEO to do. It's how do you have the courage to say, let's learn from that my strengths, but also what am I going to have to do differently in this next area you got to disrupt you get disrupted.

You have to have the courage to initiate that vision and strategy and say how we're going to change and this is where culture and communication becomes so important. You know, we are going through a crisis right now. Right. And I believe the world is going to change forever. We're going to live in a massive distributed world. And I believe many organisational totally unprepared, they never thought they will send them, you know, hundred percent of their people working from home.

I think, you know, you and I talked about the power of delivering outcomes from the data. And so when we think about the next wave of digital transformation. What do you think are the key principles that the customer should have in mind, because you and I talked. Early on, it's not about the digital transformation is becoming digitally native in everything we do.


So Antonio when I really think about what's about to happen first 40 to 50% of the Fortune 500 would not exist in a decade. It's going to be a brutal change, and these terrible events, we're now seeing we're actually accelerate that probably 60% of the startups won't exist in a decade and number of more exist in two to three years. So it's a period of time with either disrupt or you get disrupted, your ability to compete not against competitors, but compete against the new market transitions, new business models outcome focused enabled by the Internet of Everything, big data and being able to enlarge that and then do the compute do the storage do the access to that big data, the applications the security at the edge, and it gives a company a chance to really transform themselves into direction. one of the positives, out of these challenging events will be companies will move much faster to a digital world .

The company that combines basically the ability to do storage and security and compute at the edge, and John said, I think it first starts with you've got to have a strong culture yourself. One of the many reasons that I love HP ,When I first came here to Silicon Valley. That's a time I joined HP when Luke was the CEO. You can't have a great company without a very strong culture you may like it or you may not. I love the HP culture, HP what you have done it starts with the CEO, you've got to walk the talk, you've got to have the courage. You can't say change is good for you or not for me. You lead by example and you have to reinvent yourself every three to five years. People love working here. I love the culture that you built, says John.

Well thank you john, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts today with us. For me it's an honour to work with an iconic personal like you never stop learning from leaders like you because in the end, Silicon Valley has done amazing things but ultimately we as leaders have a responsibility to do it in a sustainable way. And you have been a voice in the market for decades. And so for us to partner together on something that we believe is going to change the world. It's just a unique opportunity that we take very seriously and, and thank you for being with me today.

Antonio introduces the next generation of New HPE GreenLake cloud services deliver an agile, lower cost, and consistent cloud experience everywhere, which span container management, machine learning operations, VMs, storage, compute, data protection, and networking, help customers transform and modernize their applications and data – the majority of which live on premises, in colocation facilities, and increasingly at the edge.

Secondly, Antonio spoke about, Unveils HPE Ezmeral, New Software Portfolio and Brand to Fuel Data-Driven Transformation ,it spans a complete portfolio – including container orchestration and management, AI/ML and data analytics, cost control, IT automation and AI-driven operations, and security – enabling organizations to increase agility and efficiency, unlock insights, and deliver business innovation

HPE GreenLake is one of the fastest-growing businesses in HPE with over 4 billion USD in total contract value, more than 850 enterprise customers worldwide, and over 700 partners selling HPE GreenLake today. HPE GreenLake’s unique metering, cost controls, cloud services, HPE Ezmeral software portfolio, and backing from HPE Financial Services and HPE Pointnext Technology Services provide a differentiated solution that competitors cannot match.

IT professionals are always looking for more time. Fortunately, technology can help make that happen. HPE Discover plans to help organizations tackle efficiency, helping IT professionals free up time to handle mission-critical work. One session will focus on how new advances in storage technology are building in intelligence and automation, allowing devices to be self-managed and freeing up time for staff. With the new HP Green Lake cloud services, you don't have the progress challenges, ever. with a public cloud, users can pay two extra costs for storing data, just to get it back.

Lastly, the CEO of HPE spoke on how technology is enabling real, tangible change in HP we are leveraging our most powerful innovations so that you can accomplish more than ever before. I know we can, we'll get through these unprecedented time together. I am inspired and humbled by the humanity in your responses, and recovery efforts. And our society stronger solid. As we begin to reimagine a new and better world for ourselves. HP is committed to helping each of you move forward. Thank you for joining us and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. please stay well and safe. Thank you.

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