Southwest flight attendant fixed hidden-camera in the bathroom



A Southwest flight attendant claims two pilots were livestreaming footage from the airplane's bathroom onto an iPad in the cockpit in a lawsuit against the company.


The federal lawsuit was filed for the District of Arizona alleges that Arizona based flight attendant, Renee Steinaker, discovered the alleged act in February 2017.


Southwest Airlines is a airline based in Dallas, Texas that has a reputation for low fares. The airline started in 1971. It flies mostly among about a hundred airports within the United States but also to flies from the United States to airports in the Caribbean Sea and Mexico.


The incident is said to have occurred on Flight 1088 between Pittsburgh and Phoenix. Arizona Republic reports that a little over two hours into the flight, pilot Capt. Terry Graham asked Steinaker, 43, to come to the cockpit so he could use the restroom. Southwest Airline policy requires at least two crew members be present in the cockpit at all times.


When Steinaker entered the cockpit, she allegedly saw an iPad mounted on a windshield near Graham's seat. The lawsuit says it was playing a livestream of the plane's lavatory and Steinaker could see what appeared to be Graham inside the bathroom.


She asked the co-pilot Ryan Russell, who was also in the cockpit, to confirm the iPad's footage. The lawsuit says: 'Plaintiff Renee Steinaker immediately asked Russel whether the iPad was "live streaming" from the camera in the forward lavatory. Russell admitted that it was live streaming.'

'Russell advised Plaintiff Renee Steinaker that there was a camera in the lavatory and that it was hidden so that no on would ever find it.' 'Russell directed Plaintiff Renee Steinaker not to tell anyone about the camera or the recordings because they were on the "downlow".'


Russell told Steinaker that the cameras were new and that all Southwest Airlines' 737-800s had them.


When Steinaker entered the cockpit, she allegedly saw an iPad mounted on a windshield near Graham's seat, the report says.

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